Founding Philosophy

S.M.D. Publications was created for the distribution and legal protection of the writings created under Sianna Maria Diĝir. Encouraging other writers to take the plunge and follow their dreams without having to rely on the often limiting or otherwise unsatisfying offers. By doing so, we hope to contribute towards creating a more diverse and fruitful environment in the publishing world, opening the doors to new faces and stories.

We want to encourage people to share their personal stories, as well as help provide a base for mental health awareness and resources to those in need. These resources, however, are only meant to assist and can in no way replace the help of a mental health professional. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further information, and check our mental health resources page if you need help finding a therapist or are seeking further resources and assistance.


S.M.D. Publications seeks to encourage personal and interpersonal growth, through sharing both (personal) real life and fictional stories. Through some of these stories, we hope to contribute to both prevention and support for special and/or traumatic events in the lives of all humans, but most especially to protect the youth from these horrible experiences. As such we hope to extend our network, and are working on setting up a channel to make a voluntary donation to a reputable charity with any purchase made through our shop.


All printed products distributed through S.M.D. Publications and any of its distribution points, such as, are printed locally in Switzerland, quality-checked, and with especially eco-friendly standards. Packaging and shipping are equally optimized to meet the high standards we set to minimize our ecological footprint. More information and details to follow.


We value freedom of the press, and put high emphasis on keeping our publications authentic. As such, no sponsorships, business partnerships or any other form of corporate or political entity will have any kind of influence on opinions published under any of our platforms. We believe freedom of expression and open discourse are important, not only for the individual, but especially for communities and society as a whole.

As such, we do reserve the right of publishing and cutting into opinions and topics that could possibly be perceived as controversial, provided their discussion promotes any kind of resolution or improvement. These opinions however must in no way reflect our own, and are fundamentally not representative of our own viewpoint in any way. Healthy discourse includes different opinions and viewpoints, and we expect our readers to be capable of engaging in different viewpoints without starting a mud war.